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Litetec announce new ‘Portascope MK2’; smaller diameter industrial endoscope

March 2, 2009

The Portascope MK2’ manufactured by litetec is a low cost endoscope ideal for inspection and illumination of inaccessible areas. With a diameter of only 9.6mm, the scope is a welcome addition to the building surveyors’ industry for cavity wall inspection.
After over 20 years success with their original robust rigid endoscope the ‘Portascope’, Litetec have once again used their expertise in optics and fibre optics to create the ‘Portascope MK2.’ Paul Wale, MD of litetec, says

“After the success of our 12.7mm diameter ‘Portascope’, we listened to the changing needs of our customers and realised there was a gap in the market for a low cost, robust scope with a smaller diameter…The response so far has been great.”

With such a smaller diameter the end user is able to access difficult to reach areas without having to drill a large hole through the wall or ceiling, making it easier, quicker and less destructive to complete the job
The complete kit also includes our scope saver as standard. This helps protect the outer tube from debris and keeps the unit clean. The scope is supplied in a foam lined case, with a spare lamp and small rechargeable battery pack.
This endoscope is produced at Litetec’s Essex branch to the highest quality ISO:9001 standards.
Those interested in following the developments of litetec’s new scope can follow the official blog at or log onto under endoscopes to view our range and purchase online.


Hello! Welcome to our fibre optic lighting world!

July 29, 2008
litetec logo

Welcome to litetec ltd’s wordpress blog! We are UK manufacturers of fibre optic lighting for scientific, decorative and sensory applications.

We also use our experience in the optics field to produce endoscopes and have a range of rigid, flexible and video endoscopes starting at only £499.00. Many of these have been selling for over 10 years, so we know they do their job properly! We also offer repair services on our rigid endocope sales, the adapately named “Portascope” and our flexible- “Portascope Flexi Plus”.

Back to fibres…we have two bases in the UK, a head office in Essex, and a Fibre Optic Division in Doncaster- where all the manufacturing takes place. There we can terminate harnesses, grind and polish them with special machinery and produce products such as fibre optic chandeliers and star carpets. We also provide polymer and glass fibre and produce scientific lightguides, in various materials. We have regular customers who purchase lightguides from us on call-off orders.

Recently, we have produced a range of sensory fibre optics for the sensory market (funnily enough!) These were priced very competitively, and include our sparkle sensory harnesses, rope light, fibre optic carpets and our brand new fiesta panels. These panels are produced in our base in Doncaster, and incorporate over 3,000 colour changing fibre optics arranged in rossette like patterns. When the panel is wall mounted it creates a lovely memorizing effect in sensory rooms and has also been sold to VIP areas of bars and clubs- one in Oxford if you fancy taking a peek.

Being manufacturers of fibre optics we offer quick OEM production, at competitive pricing. We have trade price lists for our sensory range, which can be viewed online at our sister site; 

Our fibre optic chandeliers are proving a popular item, and can be made to your specification. These are rapidly becoming a trendy item in bars/clubs and hotel lobbys, and add that touch of “wow” and splendor to a premises. Please view our page for some chandelier ideas; These come with crystal end fittings, which harness the light.

You can get a better idea of our vast capabilities at Having been established since 1985 and awarded with ISO:9001 we are committed to good quality products and a happy and “can-do” attitude!

Please contact us on either 01702 540187 or 01302 338210 for a discussion of your lighting needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the blog and videos on our website.