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New Industrial Endoscope Released

May 19, 2009
litetec endoscope

litetec endoscope

Litetec Ltd have released their new industrial rigid endoscope for general sale. The scope, which has received alot of interest and countless pre-orders, is ideal for industries such as cavity wall inspection and the automobile industry.

Litetec’s last endoscope- the Portascope- sold well for over 9 years, however they noticed customers asking if a smaller diameter version was available. So they designed one. The new scope- the Portascope MK2′ is only 9.6mm in diameter, compared to the latter version of 12mm diameter. The new scope comes in a foam lined case as before, however with the added benefit of a scope saver as standard in a kit. This helps protect the scope from dirt and debris, and before was a additional item.

The battery pack on the new endoscope is also much smaller, at 150x70cm and enables easier charging with a automatic light.

This scope is available to purchase online at

Specification sheets and further details can be issued, please contact litetec on 01702 540187 or email